Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trips

At Kroger this week, my mom and I were able to get 10 FREE boxes of Uncle Ben's Rice and 30 cans of Rotel for $5.10 total. The Rotel would have been free, but I couldn't come by the better coupons- they must have been a hot commodity! I kept 2 boxes of rice and 8 cans of Rotel, and the rest will go to a family in need of food.

Also at Kroger, I used e-coupons and the Mega-sale to get a FREE Dove deodorant and Pampers wipes for $0.49. The Johnson's Baby Wash was $1.50 (we use it for the occasional bubble bath). The wipes will go to a basket I'm making for an auction to help a local family- we still prefer our cloth wipes- and the deodorant will go to the shelter. Even though I was a bit nervous about sending my husband to do the shopping, and he bought a few extra things not on my list, the total was still right at the $70. Glad I left some wiggle room before I sent him out!

My Walgreens find today: 10 jars of Skippy Peanut Butter. They are on sale for 2/$3 and I had 10 fifty-cents off coupons. If I bought $15 worth, I got $5 back in Register Rewards. I didn't have any RRs to roll this week, so I paid $10 and got $5 back. The manager made a bit of a fuss, and said she'd have to check her stock first, but they let me do the deal. I was down to 1 jar in my stockpile, and we go through 2-4 jars a month easily, so I was glad to get them at basically 50 cents a jar.

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Martha (MM) said...

Excellent as always! I can just see the stores trying to give you a hard time when you've figured out how to really work their deals to the extent you do.