Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Weeks of Cash Only Challenge

If you read my Friday post at The Motivation Station a couple weeks ago, you know that one of my goals this year is to go mostly cash-only in order to stick like glue to the goal of paying off our mortgage within 7 years, and owing nothing to no one. I've stuck to it the past two weeks, and am happy to report that we have eaten out much less since instituting this. Even when I've bought diapers online, I've transferred the amount into a "redeposit" envelope to put back in the bank and pay on the card.

Our baby furniture should be in within 2 weeks, and I've purchased our gliding rocker using a 20% off coupon and gift cards I've won. We ended up getting another 10% back on the rocker after they gave us a broken ottoman and my husband complained. My coworkers kindly threw a baby shower for me (with the best cupcakes ever), and some of my gifts came in the form of gift cards. I'm waiting for another furniture coupon to come out, then I will use it plus the gift cards to buy the mattress. My mother is gifting us with the Pediped shoes I wanted to use. I found lavender curtains at Walmart for $12 each, and have a gift card from my dad I can use for that. All I have left to get after that is a baby book, 2 humidifiers, and a picture frame that matches the one holding our son's newborn picture.

I did get some great deals this week at Kroger: 4 tubes of Crest Pro-Health for $2 total, and 4 Oral-B toothbrushes for $2 total, as well as Kashi cereal for $0.99 each (usually $4.69 each). I'm excited about my drugstore deals this week- at CVS, I will get 7 Finish 20-pack dishwasher tabs for free, plus my mother is picking up another 4 free for me. We are almost near the end of the huge tub I got for free this summer with my Sam's Club winnings, and this should let us run a daily load with our new baby and need for bottles, for at least 7.5 months. At Walgreens, I can get Special K for $0.25 a box, free Colgate toothpaste, and free Reach floss and toothbrushes.

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