Sunday, December 12, 2010

Big Plans

The Mister and I are pretty regular watchers of Suze Orman's show every Saturday night (on my bucket list, being on her Can I Afford It? segment), and I have started going through her book Women And Money and listing those very important things we need to do that we've been procrastinating on forever. Three years ago, before our son was born, we made sure to make our Living Wills and Healthcare Power of Attorneys (links to free forms at the same site). We seriously discussed who would raise our child if we both died, and decided upon my SIL.

And then life got busy and we stopped.

The past two weeks, knowing we have another baby on the way in 9 weeks, and that things will be a little more complicated this time as far as the birth and my health afterward, we've gotten serious again about getting our ducks in a row.

Scratched off our to-do list already are:

1) Refinancing our mortgage. Interest rates have gone way down since we bought the house, and our credit is fantastic. So, we are now saving 1.5% in interest. We opted to keep the same payment and shave 5 years off our mortgage, which is a nice thing when your husband is, ahem, getting up there in years.

2) We finally opened a joint bank account. I know, almost 5 years of marriage later. Did I mention we tend to procrastinate?

3) Made an appointment with an attorney to make our will and living revocable trust. The goal is to have it completed before the baby comes.

On the to-do list:

1) Get loads of term life insurance for the Mister. One huge regret is that we didn't do this for me a few years ago- and now I am pretty much uninsurable. Thankfully, my work is very generous with its life insurance, and I opted for the max I can get without requiring a health exam. In the next few weeks, we'll be getting quotes for my husband, so if something terrible happens, myself and the kids will be taken care of.

2) Research college savings options.

3) Start going through and selling/giving away the excess "stuff" that is wasting space in our home. This week, I shipped some nursing scrubs I will never wear again to a friend who has lost 100 pounds, and moved most of my toiletries/diapers/socks stockpile to the homeless shelter it was meant for. I have about 10 cardboard bankers boxes that will be sorted and filled with the rest of my scrubs and nursing shoes I will never use again, high heels that are on the no-no list now, knick-knacks that don't belong in this house, purses I don't use, and cloth diapers that never made it into my favorite stash.

This, of course, doesn't include all the other little projects we are working on. This weekend, Mr S hung a cabinet in our master bath, and started moving the new office furniture into the study (we got two huge desks, 3 cork boards, and two leather desk chairs in fantastic condition for $98). I am schlepping our hundreds of books to another room. We ordered the furniture for our daughter's room, and he is planning on putting up shelves in her closet. We plan on putting a second shelf in the basement for my ever-growing stockpile. I am researching organization blogs for ideas to make our home tidier, as I seem to have been born without an organized bone in my body. Any recommendations?


JEN said...

I am the least organized person I know (next to my mother and grandmother). If you find any good sites, please share!

Diane said...

I love these shelf dividers and use them in all of my kitchen cabinets. You can often find them on clearance at Walgreens in the fall:;jsessionid=0000oh8KjGnn9lAe9IhkECTAzNj:13ddq0sic?cm_mmc=Mercent-_-Google-_-AV_Supplies_and_Equipment-_-363931
I also like this can good rack although I haven't gotten one yet: