Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ebates-The No-Brainer

By: Diane O'Brian

Thanks to my co-workers who inspired this post after our lunch conversation about it. If you are an online shopper than using a cash back site should be a no-brainer. You get cash back for doing what you were going to do anyways.

How to use a cash back site
Initially you have to register with the cash back site(s) that you wish to use. When registering you must use your real details as these are needed to pay you. You log in to your account with the cash back site, find a retailer from the lists on the site whom you want to buy from, then click through to that retailer. Once the purchase is confirmed, the cashback website will receive its commission and then pass the cash back onto you.

How to choose a cash back site
There are a lot of cash back sites that have popped up over the years so make sure the site is secure and choose one that has been around for a while. Consider the percentage cash back that you will receive from the site and how you will get paid out. Some sites offer coupons, deals, points and gift cards as rewards. You will also want to find out how and when you will get paid out. Some sites will pay you whatever amount you’ve accrued whenever you want it and some will require that you wait until you have accrued a certain amount. I would also take into consideration how many retailers that site gives you to choose from or if they have the stores you shop from the most. It might make sense to register with more than one cash back site.
Cash Back Chart is a database that lists the highest percentage cashback from various sites and a link to the site.

Cash Back Websites:
Mr. Rebates
Big Crumbs

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