Saturday, October 9, 2010

“We’ll beat any advertised price!”

By Diane O'Brian

Price matching is when one retail outlet offers to sell something for the same price you’d purchase it for somewhere else. Price matching is a good option to help save time and money. Why go to multiple stores if you can get the lowest price on items at one store?

Make sure you bring the ad from the store with the lower price with you. You will need to make sure you find the same size, flavor, brand, etc. as what is listed in the ad. Each stores policy and procedure is a little different so you will want to look up the policy before going to that store. If your cashier doesn’t know about price matching you can call for a manager or go to customer service.

Virtually no stores will attempt price matching with website prices-including their own, and not all stores will price match on Black Friday.

Stores that price match:
Best Buy
Office Depot

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