Monday, October 4, 2010


By: Diane O'Brian

Oh the struggle many families face debating between the health benefits of buying organic and the havoc it can wreak on your budget. One can argue that the longtime savings due to good health can outweigh the toll buying organic can take on your budget.
Whatever your reason for buying organic, there are ways to save money.

If you find a good deal on fruits, veggies, meat, milk and cheeses-stock up! All of these items can be frozen.


A co-op is a store or retail market for products, owned and operated by a group of individuals for their mutual benefit. Belonging to, or using a food co-op can allow you to purchase organic food at a lower price.

Dirty Dozen
If you are trying to find a way to ease into buying organic, it is commonly recommended that you start with the dirty dozen. These fruits and veggies tend to have the most pesticide residue.
• Apples
• Cherries
• Grapes
• Nectarines
• Peaches
• Pears
• Raspberries
• Strawberries
• Bell peppers
• Celery
• Potatoes
• Spinach

Buy in Bulk
Stores like Cosco, Amazon and Sam’s sell organic food in bulk at a lower price than a smaller grocery store.

Always check the Sunday paper for coupons. But your best bet for organics is on individual product websites like Seventh Generation.

Farmer’s Market
Your local farmer’s market can be a great place to buy affordable organic food. Plus you may be supporting your local economy. Go here to search for your closest farmer’s market.

Substitute less expensive veggies in place of expensive ones. Think broccoli, cauliflower, green peppers, and yellow onions instead of asparagus, red peppers, and sweet onions.

In Season
Buy what’s in season. Corn, for example is very affordable during the summer, but is much more expensive the rest of the year.

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MrsSpock said...

I frequently freeze organic berries when they are a low price for future use in muffins and pancakes.