Sunday, October 17, 2010

Great Deals!

Run out and get the November issues of Parents magazine today to get a jump on this great deal. I just got 184 Size 2 Pampers for $19 on using their subscribe and save discount, plus a 20% off coupon code from Parents. Shipping was free! If you don't want automatic shipping every month or so, just cancel once you receive your first shipment.

It might be worth getting a subscription to Parents, as they have been having these coupon codes every month. The current issue has a card for $7.99 for a year's subscription- plus a cookbook and the second year for free. Considering an issue costs $3.50, this is a great deal.

I've been using Amazon's subscribe and save for 3 years to get a shipment of Seventh Generation Toilet Paper every 6 months. I've never had a problem with it.

Today I found another great deal on Amazon. Because my son has a dairy allergy, and loves pancakes and waffles, we have to make them from scratch. We use Bob's Red Mill 7-Grain Pancake and Waffle Mix. I can only find it at our local health food or specialty grocery, and it is usually $4-5 per bag. We go through at least two bags a month. I found that I can get a 4-pack through subscribe and save every 4 months for only $11.95- and free shipping! This will cut our cost by 50%.

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