Thursday, October 14, 2010

Choosing a Saving Money Blog or Website

By: Diane O'Brian

Every frugal blogger has a different perspective shaped by their reason for being frugal and their current lifestyle. That perspective is often reflected in their posts and is also what differentiates them from another blog or website. If you plan to become a regular subscriber, I think it is helpful to know how they came to be and what their life is like now. This will help you pick the best blogs/websites for you and maximize your time saving money.

A good example is this blog, Whole, Fast, Frugal. You would be more likely to read posts from me about saving money on pets and your home, where as with Mrs. Spock you will read about the frugal and healthy recipes she makes. We write what we know.

I’m often asked for the list of websites/blogs that I read, but I’d like to encourage you to make your own list. Find writers that resonate with you and are blogging about things you want to know about.

Here is a great place to start to locate money saving blogs/websites you may be interested in.

Things to consider when choosing a blog/website about saving money:
1. What stores do they shop at or where in the country are they located? If the writer only posts deals at their local stores this may not be of any help to you if you don’t have those stores nearby.

2. The writer’s lifestyle. Some writers post about frugal family friendly activities, where as others about saving money at restaurants and travel deals. Neither is bad, but one may be more helpful to you than another based on what your lifestyle is like.

3. Every day savings or big picture. Some writers are dedicated to writing about coupon matches and how to save money in your daily life. There are other writers who like to talk about the big picture such as budgeting, retirement savings, and paying down debt. Again, neither is bad-you just need to find the sites that fit what your money-saving goals are.

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