Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekly Shopping Trips

I am feeling less exhausted and back in the swing of things now that I am in the second trimester. I hit 6 stores in the past few days, as well as Sam's Club a couple of weekends ago. If you have a Meijer near you, this deal is a must-do. I went to Meijer only to get cheese. Yes, I have plenty in the freezer, but when you can get 10 8 oz. blocks for FREE- well, I can't pass that up! Here's a link to the deal if you are interested. I basically printed out two Internet coupons and signed up for Meijer's e-coupons via cell phone, plus got a $5 catalina.

My Walgreens trip: I had a $10 off two Good Start formulas from my last trip, plus a $3 Register Reward to use. These are two 12 oz cans. A large 20 oz can usually costs $25. The tampons were free after Register Reward, and the 24 oz worth of formula was essentially $14. Awesome!

If you have an infant on formula, Babies R Us has Good Start formula for $19.99 through 09/17. If you have shopped there in the past few weeks, you would have gotten a coupon book for $4 off two 20 oz or greater cans of Good Start. I took the 20% More size cans, or 30 oz, and got them for $18 each with sale and coupon. Usually they are $22-25 each at BRU.

Target trip: Dora the Explorer toothpaste for Kids for $0.69, Dora toothbrushes were $2.69 with coupons, the tomato soup was $1.25, and Select Harvest Soups were anywhere from $0.50 to $1. A list of Target deals is here. I plan on using these to get through the first week at the new job, and to do more hardcore lunch planning once I know how long a break we have.

I've been on the lookout for a Buzz Lightyear clearance backpack and lunchbox. I got the backpack for $4.98 on clearance at Target, but lunchbox was full price at $9.99. Hopefully it will last him through kindergarten, and the backpack-style diaper bag we've been using will be used for the new baby.

Free Reach dental floss from Kroger this week. They are on sale for $1 and I had 2 $1 coupons.

Freebies and cheapies in the mail. I share most of these with a friend.

Free books from Paperback Swappers.

My Sam's, CVS, and Walgreens run from weekend before last. You can read a synopsis of my Sam's visit at The Motivation Station here. I used my entire gift card that I won in a blog giveaway, and stocked up for months, and even years, on some items. I discovered the garbage bags, Ziploc freezer bags, and dishwasher tablets were a good deal, but much more was overpriced. The freezer bags I reuse unless they have contained meat, so I guess it will be years before we ever need to buy any more. The Bounty paper towels were $11 for two 12-packs at CVS, and formula was $17 a can at Walgreens. We don't prefer to use disposable paper towels at home very often, but we do have to provide some to day care, so this will keep us in a good place for at least 18 months if not more.

Mr S was in the cooking mood, and made a Red Pepper and Chickpea Pasta that was delicious! Here's a link to a similar recipe.

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Martha (MM) said...

Great savings Jen and the recipe hubby made sounds delicious, we might have to get him his own foodie blog ;-)