Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Groupons and Deals of the Day

By: Diane O'Brian

To get notified of groupons and deals of the day subscribe to the company’s email list. If you are interested in purchasing a deal, you will need to use a credit card online to make the purchase. When the deal goes through you will either be emailed the voucher or be sent an email to print the voucher by going through their website. If you ordered a product it will get shipped to you. Not every website listed below offers deals for every city. You will need to check on their website to see which cities they serve.

Deal of the Day
A deal of the day is exactly what it sounds like, there is one deal, usually 50% off or more, offered for the day. They sell the deal until the allotted number of products or vouchers are sold, or time runs out.

Today’s Deal of the Day

Interesting note: This website tracks and lists all the product deals of the days from all the sites offering something.

Interesting note: These deals are generally for products as opposed to a service. The website does not explicitly tell you how many of a product is left.

Interesting note: 10% of every dollar spent through Yo!Deal is donated to a local cause

Half Off Depot

Interesting note: you can make a wishlist of all the deals you want.

Groupon is a coupon that is sold to you only if enough people purchase that deal that day. So you can buy it initially and your credit card will only be charged if the required amount of people purchase the coupon.


eReach Big Deal
Interesting note: You can print regular coupons from this site.

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