Saturday, August 21, 2010

Today's Finds, Honey Baked Chicken, Corn and Tomato Pie, and Calzones

Best deals this week: Cheerios for $0.48 a box, V8 Juice for $2, Muir Glen tomato paste for $0.19, Good Start Formula for $9.99 (on sale at BRU for $19.99 minus $10 manufacturer coupon).

Goodwill finds: five pairs of 2T and 3T pants, one pair of shorts, five 3T shirts for fall, all for $22. I also found a play construction helmet for $1.29. The majority of these were Gap, Gymboree, and The Children's Place, with a few Osh Kosh pants.

Honey Butter Glazed Carrots (using dairy-free margarine of course)

Honey Baked Chicken. Easy and delicious. Also made dairy-free.

Uncle Angelo's marinara sauce. Now have a couple quarts in the freezer for future use. The secret is the wine.

Calzones with Uncle Ang's sauce.

This was so, so very good. Summer Corn and Tomato Pie. Make it now while there are still farm fresh tomatoes and corn! Biscuit topping and savory inside. Very buttery and rich, and absolutely amazing.

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Martha (MM) said...

Lots of yummy stuff! :-)