Sunday, July 4, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Pierogies- homemade! Red Cabbage and Apple Kraut made in the slow cooker

Tuesday: Cottage Pie With Leeks made with leftover mashed potatoes from Pierogies

Wed: leftover cottage pie

Thursday: Mujadarah

Friday: Tomato Platter With Olives and Feta, Veggie and Cheese Wraps

Saturday: Tomato and Corn Pie (I have literally waited 9 months to try this, until the first summer crops of corn and tomatoes were in)

Sunday: Making a vat of Uncle Angelo's Sauce (yes, that's really him in the picture) in the slow cooker, freezing leftovers, and making homemade calzones to liberally dip in this sauce

Hundreds more menu plan inspirations here!


Martha (MM) said...

I especially like that corn and tomato pie, be sure to let us know how it is!

Kim T said...

can you tell me if you do anything special to the pasta sauce? do you just place all ingredients in the crock pit and let it go? how long and on what temp? just printed off the pasta sauce and meatball recipe and then saw the calazone recipe =) yummy - looking forward to get cooking! Thank you! Kim T (