Monday, July 5, 2010

Freebies and CVS Trip

A few freebies: A Weight Watchers breakfast (nothing I would ever buy myself, but it was free), Beech Nuts Let's Grow rice cakes (I had a coupon for a free product, but nearly all had dairy. Yet again, nothing I would buy myself), free Cottonelle samples, All detergent, and all-natural dog biscuits, which will go to my sister.

CVS trip: Four Stayfree pads and 2 Reach toothbrushes for free, plus some Pampers Swaddlers. The pads and toothbrushes were free with coupon, and the diapers were $9 after ECBs and sale. We use cloth, but I am keeping the Swaddlers just in case things end up hectic- if we don't use them, they will go to the shelter.

More free dog treats (not sure how I ended up with 2) , Weight Watchers coupons, and free 100% recycled trash bag sample.

Free travel-size sample of Pantene. Mr S will use these on business trips and refill from our own bottles.

My Kroger trip was not great this week: $91. I had a plan and a list, but decided to buy mostly organic produce (which I am happy with), and then bought $20 in impulse purchases (naughty me!). Back on the wagon next week!

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