Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Shopping Trips

Felt food- the first batch of a few recent orders from Etsy. No fears of lead-filled fake food from China.

Kroger shopping trip. Total before deals: $71.38. Total after deals: $40.37. Savings: 43%

My total would have been $2 less,and I was so bummed that I didn't get to the store until last night at 10PM. My Ronzoni pasta coupons had expired (otherwise would have gotten them for free), and the Reach toothbrushes I could have gotten for free (and earned $4 for my small effort) were sold out.

The Bob Evans Sweet Potatoes I won for free on Kroger's website, and the Kool-Aid Fizz, Oscar Meyer deli meat, Digiorno Pizza, and Kraft 100 Calorie Cheese packs were all freebies from Kraft First Taste. The Kool-Aid will go to another family. The Dial liquid soap was $0.30, the Rotel cans and Easy Mac were $0.67, some almond milk was $0.99, and two larger cartons were $1.25.

My CVS run. Huggies diapers and two razors for $1.68. The diapers and razors go to the shelter. The Eucerin lotion was a free sample.

More mail freebies. A Go-Trax DVD for my train-obsessed toddler and Working Mother Magazine from my MIL (apparently my SIL was given a free subscription, but she doesn't need it.)

Our busy week prepping our kitchen and dining room for the painter meant fewer trips to the store. Our dining room.

And the kitchen. It went from Smurf Blue to Cranberry.

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