Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Deal Roundup

Tonight's Walgreens shopping trip: Pampers diapers, 2 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners, and a Kit-Kat. Total prior to deals: about $16. Total after register rewards, coupon for $0.75 off Lysol product, and buy one get one free toilet bowl cleaner sale: $1.10. I got $1 in RRs back for buying a Lysol product, so total is actually $0.10 for everything!

Said the cashier: "Wow, you are a good shopper!"

Yes, the Pampers are for us. Mr S will be playing in a tournament, and my energy levels are very, very low- so disposables for us this week.

The bags at the bottom are the three Envirosax I got for $5.99 on a b trendy deal. Also, two flavored mayo samples from Kraft.

What do you make when you have lots of free pasta, 12 jars of $0.29 a jar spaghetti sauce, and 6 packages of cheap pepperoni?

Pepperoni Pizza Pasta of course! This was quick to make and tasted good. I added olives, a green pepper, and some red onion. I sprinkled the top with Italian seasoning as well.

Today's deals:

$2.50 off 1 pack of Luvs coupon

LOTS of Freebies, including Cascade Actionpacks, Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo (just got mine in the mail!), Goodnights underwear, ob tampons, and subscriptions to OK magazine and Cosmopolitan online.

FREE DiGiorno Deep Dish Pizza. I just tried this, since I am a member of Kraft First Taste, and get many coupons for free grocery items. This was pretty tasty.

FREE Bruegger's Bagel.

Fridays for kids at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

A boatload of Huggies coupons.

Jumbo Huggies diapers and wipes at Target for $9.48.

$7 off at Cedar Point.

Pedipeds for $18. These usually retail for at least twice this amount.

Health magazine for $5.

Kraft Salad dressing and Sandwich Shop Mayo for $0.50 at Walmart.

Freebies for CVS members.

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