Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Shopping Trip; Sloppy Joe, Gaucamole, Raspberry Muffins

Homemade whole grain raspberry muffins. I used plain almond milk in replacement of the cow's milk and milled flax seed mixed with water in replacement of the egg. They smell divine and taste heavenly!

Homemade sloppy joe. I've been craving beef. Ever since I made these for the first time, I've never bought canned mix again. The only change I made was to add a dash of worcestershire sauce.

Homemade guacamole. A must-do with summer-fresh tomatoes and avocados.

I couldn't help myself, and bought these when I saw they were discounted for $5. My sunflowers aren't blooming yet, but getting there. Don't they look great next to the new cranberry walls?

Part of my Kroger trip today: The Pampers wipes were from a checkout coupon and were $0.59, the mustard was $0.49, the Poise pads were free from a checkout coupon, the almond milks were $1.25 with coupon, and organic lettuce $0.99 on discount. Try a Smart Balance fat free milk this week, and get it free with rebate using the form in this weekend's ads. The hand is from my little helper :).

Other half of Kroger trip: the Crackerfulls were free from Kraft First Taste and bread was buy one get one free. I got a soup bone to make veggie soup with.

Total before sales: $92.09. Total after sales, coupons, and rebate: $63.75. Savings of about 30%.

My Walgreens trip
Total before trip: $41.03. Total after sale and coupons: $19.29
Register Rewards earned: $10 Total out of pocket: $9.29
I also got a checkout coupon for a free Shape Workout DVD.

CVS trip

Total before deals: $39.56
Total after sale, coupons, and Extra Care Bucks: $25.06
Extra Care Bucks received: $10
Mail-in rebate: $10
Total out of pocket: $5.06

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