Thursday, May 6, 2010

Want To Win A Blog Giveaway?

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary- and I received a wonderful gift. I just found out I won The Football Wife's $200 Visa Gift Card blog giveaway! This equates to a month's worth of groceries in our house!

Thank you Football Wife!

Last month, I also won a Flirty Apron at Katydid and the Kid.

Interested in winning a blog giveaway too?

Blogs, and I include myself among them, will often give away a prize in order to gain more readership. Following a blog in a reader, on Twitter, or on Facebook, will gain you extra chances to win. Find a smaller blog giveaway, where the readership is less, and you have a better chance of winning. However, even a larger blog that garners 400 comments on a giveaway post still leaves you with a better chance of winning than the average lottery ticket.

If you follow Katydid and the Kid, she generally has a weekly blog giveaway roundup. Review sites, like All Thumbs (shared by my friend Lori), will often have products to give away. I once won a book about postpartum fitness on All Thumbs, after my son was born.

The BlogHer network, because of its generous advertisers, frequently advertises giveaways for its ad network members. (My main blog, Mrs Spock, is an ad network member.) Sometimes BlogHer will partner with one of its bloggers to create an extra special giveaway, like a trip to New York or larger cash prize.

Be sure, if you are entering any giveaway, that there are clear rules concerning the prize. Are you responsible for shipping? It's not kosher to expect you to pay for shipping, if it was not mentioned up front. I have never expected a recipient to pay for their own shipping for one of my giveaways. How is the winner chosen? What is the cut-off date? Is it open to US and/or mainland residents only?

Remember, as well, that if you win, you will be giving a stranger your home address. If you wouldn't feel comfortable giving this person your name and address, it is better not to enter in the first place. Giveaways sponsored by legitimate organizations, such as the BlogHer network, are safer in this regards.

Always be sure to leave a valid email address, as this will be the main means to contact you. Give an email address that you check fairly often. Some giveaways will default to the runner-up if you don't respond within a set time-frame.

Don't forget, if you are a US resident, Uncle Sam gets his due. Even for non-cash prizes, you are taxed on the fair market value of the item. So my $200 Visa card ain't really $200- but it's more than zero.

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Martha said...

Congrats! A $200 gift card is seriously awesome!

Have you given any more thought to joining us at TMS?

Have a great weekend! :-)