Sunday, May 16, 2010

Veggie Salad, Quesadilla, Falafel, and Shopping Trip Pics

Last night's dinner, a Loaded Vegetable Salad that is on the menu for next week, but looked so darn good, I just craved it last night. I added kalamata olives and parmesan, and we used a Garlic Expression dressing we already had. This was served with Onion and Cheese Quesadillas, with a dollop of guacamole leftover from my son's birthday party, and corn on the cob seasoned with Lawry's Seasoned Salt. Soooo yummy!

We tried this (poorly photographed) Creamy Chicken and Rice Soup. The chicken was from a chicken stock I made in the slow cooker the previous day. I ate two bowls, and it was OK. I didn't care for the taste of the evaporated milk, and added some Lawry's. I think if I make it again, I'll either use real cream or milk.

My beloved Falafel with Cucumber Dill Sauce. This really is economical, and I'd say we get 4 servings with this. I'm having leftovers of this for lunch today. A can of sale-priced chickpeas is generally $0.89. Total for 4 servings will be less than $5. I prefer mine unwrapped, but you can eat it in a tortilla or pita.

A casserole experiment for Mother's Day brunch. It was good, but I did modify it. I added Lawry's, garlic powder, pepper, and dried ground mustard to the egg mixture. I also cooked the onions with the sausage.

My free Kraft sampler pack. The only issue I've had is finding the regional Bull's Eye sauce- it isn't at my local Kroger or Meijer.

Huggies pull-up sample. Tried it yesterday, and it did NOT contain our son's poop-splosion. Back to cloth!

Last week's CVS freebies. Um, my box of toothpaste and toothbrushes is overflowing (12?), even though the St Vincent's box is loaded as well. I think we are covered for 32 weeks of shaving for my husband, including the freebie I will get this week. All for nothing!

JC Penney $10 off $10 coupons. A size 3T jacket for next year that was on clearance (was $35). I paid $2 out of pocket. Also, a toddler sized outdoor chair in carrying case (I paid a couple bucks). Free knickers from Lane Bryant.

CVS deal from last week. Free toothpaste, pantyliners, tampons, and 2 Right Guards. Chocolate bars were $1 each and 3rd and 4th Right Guards were $1 each, I believe.

Last week's Target finds: pantyliners for free, double-pack of Suave for free, GE reveal and one CFL lightbulb for free, CFL lightbulb pack for $3ish?, Strawberry Shortcake band-aids for $0.77 each, Nexcare band-aids for $2, Mitchum for $0.99, and Degree for $0.49 each.

Free Uncle Ben's and Butt Paste for $2.99 at Kroger.

Free nivea for Women and Bic pens at Walmart, and Old El Paso Taco Shells for $0.70 each, and Nivea for Men for $1.99.

Target from 3 weeks ago: Seventh Generation for $0.79 each, Dove deodorant for $0.99, two Lea and Perrins for $0.45 each, two Tazo teas for $1.50. A free Johnson's Bath Buddy (though pay attention to the newer coupons, as they will exclude the Bath Buddy's and trial sizes.)


Martha said...

Great meals and great deals! You should link this up on our TMS show and tell on the sidebar :-)

I can see we are all going to be saving some big bucks with you on our team!

Another Dreamer said...

Wow, I am in awe!