Monday, February 8, 2010

Ale House Burgers and Cottage Pie With Leeks

Whole wheat bread rising in the pan.

An easy quick dinner. Falafel fixin's in the food processor.

The beginnings of Ale House Burgers, made using discounted extra lean beef that's been in the freezer for a month.

The edges are pinched up around the dollop of cheese.

Seasoned oven baked fries to go with the burgers. These were golden brown and fabulous.

The whole shebang.

Sauteed kale. It took 10 minutes to make.

This was a meal in itself. Sauteed kale, carmelized onion compote, and sweet potato cottage fries.
Sweet potatoes ready for the oven.

A bowl full of onions. And eyes full of tears.

Nicely carmelized onions.

Cottage Pie with Leeks. Sooooooo good!

The leeks are in the mashed potatoes, and it has a wee bit of cheese on top.

I added lots of peas to suit our tastes.